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NAME: Colby
LOCATION: Seminole, FL
WEIGHT: 187 lbs
ETHNICITY: Caucasian

What inspired you to become a model?

I was approached by a photographer and told that I had potential in the modeling industry. I have a very high respect for the beauty of the human body and I take the utmost care of my body. Football is my true passion but after sustaining four straight years of serious injury I decided that I could continue to take care of my body in another career and that is modeling.

Name at least 3 of your favorite modeling experience?

The opportunity to work with photographers that are highly sought after in the industry has been a great experience. Also, the ability to consider taking care of my body a possible career is a terrific experience for me. Being around people that appreciate the beauty of the human body is also a great experience for me.  

What modeling category are you seeking?

Fashion, editorial, print, fitness and swimwear are categories that I believe I could fall into. I would also like the opportunity to do acting.

What kind of modeling talent can you bring to J Global Entertainment?

My work ethic is unparalleled. I am determined to become the best that I can be in this industry. I respond well to criticism. I am not afraid to fail. I am self motivated. I am intelligent. My personality is very flexible allowing me to fit into a wide variety of situations.