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Sirr Wong

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NAME: Sirr Wong
HEIGHT: 5’11
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
ETHNICITY: Asian and West Indian

What inspired you to become a model?

My ex girl friend inspired me to become a model. I thought she was just giving me complements to build my self-esteem but I gave it a shot anyway.

Name at least 3 of your favorite modeling experiences?

Three of my favorite experiences were all for the same shoot. I got a chance to travel to a very beautiful Island off the coast of Florida. Also, I added great pictures to my portfolio. Last but not least, it was my first paid shoot. So I had three great experiences in one.

What modeling category are you seeking?

Print and commercial modeling are the areas I want to excel in.

What kind of modeling talent can you bring to J Global Entertainment?

I think I'm a good addition to J Global because I just look different. This is an industry that is based on looks and always seeking something NEW!