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NAME: Emma
WEIGHT: 122 lbs
ETHNICITY: Puerto Rican, Greek & Hawaiian

What inspired you to become a model?

I was inspired to model after taking drama class in middle school. I felt very comfortable on stage and behind the camera I knew I would fit in behind the lens. I was 15 when I did my first professional shoot and ever since it’s been a dream.

Name at least 3 of your favorite modeling experiences?

I enjoyed most of the modeling experiences I've had but if I had to narrow it down the first would have to be doing the Brisco ft Lil Wayne "On The Wall " video. The reason I liked this so much was because the wardrobe was inspired by a dominatrix theme. It was fun playing the aggressor it was like a fantasy! The second best experience would be doing the Nip Tuck Club Opium Scene in Miami. The reason why is because I was 16 at the time and although I was just an extra in the background it felt great to take part in such a big production. Last but not least I enjoyed working on the Keith Sweat ft Joe "Test Drive" video because it is such a great R&B song and the video was sexy. There were lots of exotic cars and women and I was a lead girl so I got star treatment with hair and makeup.

What modeling category are you seeking?

There is no type of modeling area that I am focusing on. I am attempting to conquer every and any aspect that comes my way. I am seeking print, commercial, film, and lingerie etc. I call myself Emmaly "The Total Package" Lugo because I am sure I can do it all!

What kind of modeling talent can you bring to J Global Entertainment?

The kind of modeling and talent I can bring to J Global is a total package. I say this because I can do it all from looking pretty behind the camera to nailing a casting or an interview. I truly believe I have a universal look and personality that helps me blend into any situation.