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SAGE, the name “SAGE” aka "Young Sizzle" came from his music posse (Sons of Tha South), who constantly told him “you just know how to add flava to make any track sizzle.” His parents should have known something when SAGE was a baby (he was speaking in full sentences before he was a year old). Born Leonardo DaVinci Starke in Pensacola, FL and raised in Miami, FL, creative expression has been a way of life for SAGE. His thirst for performing and entertainment continued early in high school when he began writing raps and participating in battle contests.  After winning battles and gaining school popularity he realized ... “I’m good at this”! SAGE then challenged himself to develop his skills further.  After taking a chorus class, he began to evolve as a “songwriter”.  That’s when he learned the importance of a melody, chorus (hooks), and all elements needed to produce a great song. With lyrical content derived from his W.W.W. (world wide wisdom); SAGE has traveled throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean, and from his defiant years, when he spent most of his time in the “streets” of Miami.  SAGE say’s “as a writer and producer, I’m quintessential hip hop.  I can work with any artist or producer and create something special". SAGE’S goal is to put the "Dirty South" at the top of the rap game nationally and internationally, and being added to the list of great rappers and producers!


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