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Yung Gordon

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YUNG GORDON, comparable to a few is known for his catchy, "move your feet" feel good music. He's a native of Boston, Massachusetts, but was raised in Miami, Florida. While attending high school he began to develop special talents in writing and more understanding of the music industry. Yung Gordon had the privilege to be the open act for one of the Hip-Hop top Grammy-Award winning artist T.I. He also was an open act for the American recording artist B.o.B.


Meanwhile, living in South Florida he has built relationships and a positive rapport with well-renowned Florida DJs from various radio stations such as, WEDR 99 Jamz and many more. He has also collaborated with music producers, and local artist throughout the state of Florida.


He’s influenced by the American rapper and recording producer Soulja Boy, because he made platinum, catchy, up-beat songs that made you dance to the beat. The past few years have been a major breakthrough for Yung Gordon due to Youtube viewers, and social media followers. He’s determined to make his mark and spread his message globally. Yung Gordon is highly respected by his fans, DJs, and music affiliates due to his charm, energy, and style.


Yung Gordon believes in his music craft and proves over and over to his fans that he has the ability to engage them through his music while moving their feet to the beat. He's an alluring and gifted visionary; living by his personal moto "DTF" (Don't Tolerate Foolishness) and will leave his mark in the music industry and dance culture. Yung Gordon has what it takes in this music industry to surpass the popular Mainstream and Indie artist.


In addition, his hit singles “Bobble Walk” and “Finnna Hit My Walk” has become popular songs and dances that people of all cultures, ethnic groups and ages in schools, colleges, and universities emulate. Professional athletes and celebrities also dance and sing to his popular songs. 

As a multifaceted artist, Yung Gordon continues to create Mixtapes, singles, music videos, new dances and music that will continuously evolve and capture his listening audience globally.